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Kirkou and men and women

Kirkou and men and women

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After Kirikou and the Wild Beasts, the third installment of Kirikou's adventures is in the bins. An appointment not to be missed for your children!

After Kirikou and the witches (1998) and Kirikou and the wild beasts (2005), here is finally the third part of the adventures of the little character created by the director Michel Ocelot, Kirkou and the men and the women.

What is history?

  • Grandfather greets us in his blue cave, for new confidences. There were still beautiful memories of Kirikou's childhood to evoke: the times when he helped the men and women of his village and elsewhere ...
  • He tells us how KirikouThanks to her bravery and intelligence, she came to the aid of the strong woman whose roof had been destroyed by Karaba. He tells us by what trick the little hero has found the old grumpy, who had gone astray in the savannah, then how a griotte threatened by the witch was finally able to transmit his knowledge to the inhabitants of the village. We also discover the secret of a mysterious blue monster, and finally, thanks to a flute linked to the family of our small and valiant hero, the magic power of music ... Do not miss it!
  • A film by Michel Ocelot, 1:28.

Stéphanie Letellier

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