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Extra pounds, when to worry?

Extra pounds, when to worry?

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By dressing her in the bathroom, you noticed a bead on her little belly. Just above her panties! Is your child not a little too wrapped?

If your child's curve does not look normal, take action immediately. Dietary balance and physical exercise will be the two keys to fighting overweight.

Extra pounds: watch out for impressions

  • Parents are not always well placed to appreciate the weight problems of their child.
  • Rely on the weight curves at the end of the health record since 1995. They measure body mass index (BMI), obtained by dividing weight by height squared. At each visit, the pediatrician calculates the BMI of your child and reports it on the notebook.

When to worry about his weight?

  • When the curve of your child's corpulence is not parallel to that of the notebook. Normally, it rises until the age of 1 year, then decreases steadily until 6 years, before taking again an ascending slope. The precise moment when the curve begins to rise is the "rebound of adiposity": if it occurs before 6 years, a risk of obesity is to be feared.
  • To wait without doing anything would be a mistake. If your child already has a small weight problem at 4 or 5 years, it will not necessarily grow as you are often tempted to believe. It's even the opposite that may happen! You need the advice and support of a doctor.

Extra pounds: your action plan

  • No question obviously to put your child on the dietto remove starchy foods or sugar: you would only aggravate the situation. Eating must remain a pleasure. Some simple measures of food balance and lifestyle will be effective to stop excessive weight gain. And apply them as a family is the ideal!
  • Plan four meals a day. A breakfast, a lunch, a snack, a dinner, without nibbling between these four appointments, that's what a day must look like. The mid-morning snack is absolutely useless if your child has eaten well in the morning. Enjoy the holidays to make this first meal a pleasant moment to spend together around a table! An excellent habit to keep the rest of the year.

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