The cake Peppa Pig

The cake Peppa Pig

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Here is a cake decor Peppa Pig, the mascot of the little ones, very easy to make with sugar dough of several colors and a little patience.


  • 1 cake of your choice 20 cm in diameter covered with a thin layer of frosting
  • 350 g emerald green sugar paste
  • 350 g light blue sugar paste
  • Brown, white, pink, red, yellow sugar paste
  • Red sugar balls
  • Food glue


Spread the green sugar dough and the light blue sugar dough in 2 large rectangles. Cut a clean border on both sides. Place the green sugar dough on half of the cake and place the blue sugar dough next to it. Smooth the junction between the two colors with the thumb. Cut out the excess sugar paste and then put the sugar dough lightly under the cake.

Roll a yellow sugar paste and a white sugar paste. Interlace them and roll them again. Drop this striped pudding around the cake to form a nice border.

Using a drawing, cut Peppa's face into pink sugar dough, her dress in red sugar dough, her boots in yellow, a puddle in brown. Glue the end pool and Peppa's boots, dress and face. Add legs and arms to him.

Cut out clouds and flowers with cookie cutters. Stick the flowers on the grass and the clouds on the sky. Add red sugar balls to the center of the flowers.


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