Pat'Patrouille cake

Pat'Patrouille cake

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This cake Pat'Patrouille directed by Anne-Sophie, winner of the Best Pastry M6, will be perfect for a birthday! Directed in sugar paste, this cake design easy and very nice will put their eyes full!


  • 1 cake of your choice, doubled proportions
  • 1 jar of white icing
  • 1 kg of white sugar paste
  • 40 g blue sugar paste
  • 40 g of red sugar dough
  • 40 g yellow sugar paste
  • 40 g of gray sugar paste
  • 1 blue food marker
  • 1 candle Pat'Patrouille


Unmould your cake and place it on a cake board. Refine it slightly in the center if necessary. Use a round cookie cutter about 6cm in diameter to cut two bites on each side of the cake to slip the muffins. Cake scraps can be used to enhance muffins as needed.

Glue the muffins on both sides of the cake with a little icing to form a "bone". Cover the bone with a thin layer of frosting. Let take 30 minutes cool.

Realization of the logo "Paw Patrol"

Print the logo several times (about 6 cm high: find here for example) on a cardboard sheet and cut out the different elements: letters, bone, red coat of arms. Use these shapes to cut out the same elements in blue, red, yellow and white sugar pastes and stick with food glue.

Let the white bone dry before writing Patrol on the blue food marker.

Prepare traces of dog paste, cut each time a large round and 3 small rounds with round ejector cutters.

Once the frosting has set, lower the white sugar dough with a large roll into a large rectangle (large enough to cover the entire bone). Then slide your forearms underneath with your hands flat and lay on the bone.

Smooth the surface well so that the sugar dough matches the shape of the bone and cut the excess with a thin spatula.

Stick the logo in the middle of the bone and traces of dog paste on one side. Keep in a cool, dry place until tasting!


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