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Kerity The House of Tales

Kerity The House of Tales

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This beautifully graphic film that evokes stories will immerse your young audience in a magical world ... and you too. To see from 4 years.

What is it about ?

  • Poor Natanael! At his death, his dear aunt Eleanor (with the voice of Jeanne Moreau), usually well inspired, bequeaths all his books to him. To him who, precisely, still does not know how to read ... His disappointment is immense. When night falls, he finds himself in the library.
  • Now, the incredible happens: Pinocchio, Alice, Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf ... and even the fairy Carabosse, as nasty as usual, come out of the pages. All this little world is very worried: if Natanael does not succeed in deciphering in time the magic formula, these heroes will disappear forever. But the fairy Carabosse, in a movement of anger, begins to shrink it ... The adventure will be difficult.

What we like

  • Graphics : magnificent ! Shades of red and gold that voluptuously translate the wealth of stories ... It is rare to see such a flamboyant cartoon.
  • The diversions of tales: OK, you have to know his classics! Knowing that normally The Big Bad Wolf does not get along very well with Little Red Riding Hood. But your child will love to see all these heroes of Grimm, Perrrault, sometimes in another role. Except the witch Carabosse, true to herself, and always so mean!
  • Kerity The House of Tales, by R. Dautremer and D. Monféry. Duration: 1:45
  • Where to find it?

To know

Three magnificent albums of Kerity The House of Tales, taking up the graphic universe of Rebecca Dautremer, appear to Editions Flammarion. Do not miss.

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