Good shopping to breastfeed

Good shopping to breastfeed

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You chose to breastfeed? A good choice since breast milk is the ideal food for your baby. It gives him all the nutrients and antibodies he needs. Here is our shopping selection to facilitate breastfeeding.

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Good shopping to breastfeed (30 photos)

Maternity and breastfeeding pillow Doomoo nest of Babymoov

Filled with microbeads, this cushion supports the back, the legs and the belly of the future mother during her pregnancy. It also keeps baby at the ideal height during breastfeeding or bottle feeding: € 74.90. Where to find it?

Link Suavinex Electric Breast Pump

Unique in the world, this electric breast pump allows a double regulation: speed and intensity of extraction, assuring the moms a maximum of control, essential at the beginning of breastfeeding or in case of pains. Silent and compact, he knows how to be discreet. 129 €. Where to find it?

Tigex Nursing Cushion

A breastfeeding pillow with a nice design made of microbeads fits the body perfectly, providing support and a pleasant feeling of softness. His +? 2 faces, summer and winter. The graphic print of the summer side is made of artificial silk with a freshness effect. Winter side, extra soft velvet offers a warm cocoon. Completely removable, it washes at 30 degrees: 45.99 €. Where to find it?

Avent breastfeeding kit

Disposable night pads, soothing pads, a sensitive nipple cream, a "reminder" ribbon to remind you which breast to give next time ... this kit will allow you to calmly approach the breastfeeding of your baby. 19,99 € (Advent) Where to find it?

Nursing pillow Done by Deer

Ideal to breastfeed baby, but also to relieve your arms if you give the bottle. Its dimensions? 47 x 85 cm. It is removable with soft cotton exterior and polyester interior: 69,95 € Where to find it?

Weleda breastfeeding tea

Based on fennel and verbena, this sweet herbal tea promotes breastfeeding. Also available in red fruits / fennel version: 5.85 €. Where to find it?

Hotmilk Nursing Bra

We love it because it combines femininity and comfort. 59,99 € Where to find it?

3 boxes to live serenely breastfeeding

BBleché launches 3 boxes to facilitate breastfeeding and make it more comfortable everyday.

The serenity box (photo) consists of a breast pump, a storage pot, a bottle, pads soothing and absorbent, nipple protection, Lansinoh cream, herbal tea, a apron and a breastfeeding bracelet. 149 € delivery included.

The tranquility box: its content is identical to the serenity box, with the exception of the breast pump, the bottle and the storage pot. 99 € delivery included.

The box simplicity: for a comfortable and effective breastfeeding, it contains absorbent pads, Lansinoh cream, herbal tea and nursing apron. 49 € delivery included.

Where to find them?

Boop Nursing Pads

A pack of 6 washable nursing pads with soothing virtues. 25 € (Boop). Where to find it?

BoopDesign nursing mesh top

Comfortable and practical, this dual-use sweater for pregnancy and breastfeeding is made from soft organic cotton. 89.95 € (BoopDesign). Where to find it?

Snoozzz Nursing Pillow

Offering relaxation and relaxation, this cushion cotton Star taupe is removable. € 61.96 (Snoozzz). Where to find it?

Nursing blanket Bebe au lait

An ideal accessory for breastfeeding in privacy at home or in public places. Its rigid neckline allows you and your baby to exchange looks. So that breastfeeding remains a moment of complicity between you and your baby: 38,90 €. More informations

Magic Cloud Nursing Bra

Feminine, a bra with underwire, seamless, for maximum comfort and support. : 59.95 €. Where to find it?

Biolane nursing balm

Its lanolin-based formula prepares and soothes the nipples for breastfeeding. 5,95 € (Biolane). Where to find it?

Nursing pads Emma's tendencies

Washable, preformed, comfortable and absorbent, 4 washable eco-friendly pads. 11,90 € (The trends of Emma). Where to find them?

The breastfeeding monitor

This monitor tells you the precise amount of milk your baby drinks at each feed and the amount available in each breast. The measurement is done before and after breastfeeding, placing the monitor for 10 seconds on your breast: 103.31 € (Milk Sense). Where to find it?

Anita's Countryley Nursing Bra

With its preformed cups, seamless, and breathable material, it offers a great ease of breastfeeding. And besides, he is pretty! 54,95 € (Anita). Where to find it?

Candide transformable breastfeeding pillow

Smart, this comfortable nursing pillow turns into a lightweight bag, easy to carry. 27th (Candide). Where to find it?

Ergobaby Nursing Pillow

Ideal for breastfeeding baby, this foam cushion contributes to the proper functioning of baby when it is breast and your comfort for a Zen and pleasant breastfeeding. Dimensions: 15.2 x 15.7 x 35.6 cm. 69, 90 €. Where to find it?

Poup'Ké Reminder Pop Breastfeeding Bracelet

Right or left breast? With both sides, this beautiful breastfeeding bracelet allows you to remember which breast you gave the last time to your baby. At each feed, you return it: 47 € (Poup'Ké) Where to find it?

E-motion Nuk Breast Pump

The physiological extraction of your milk, in two stages, reproduces the natural sucking rhythm of your baby. And without pain. All thanks to this electric breast pump. Its +: its ergonomic pad with massage pins. Its price: 90 €. Where to find it?

Darjeeling Kate Nursing Bra

Nursing bra special mesh, it opens at the shoulder straps with a clip. Without reinforcement, it offers good support. Its price: 40 €. Where to find it?

Mam Breast Breastfeeding Breasts

These breast tips have a soft surface and a natural shape to help you punctually to breastfeed baby: 7,90 € the lot of 2 Where to find them?

Nursing pillow Done by Deer

In Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton, this washable and washable cushion is very comfortable and soft. 49,95 € (Done by Deer). Where to find it?

ImseVimse Nursing Pads

In organic and washable cotton, pads that will protect your clothes while leaving your skin breathe: 14,95 € for 3 pairs. Where to find them?

Mam manual breast pump

Simple to use, its milk suction level easily adapts to your needs. The soft pads in the funnel offer a pleasant sensation on the skin: 44,26 € .Where to find it?

Mam Nursing Pads

Ultra-thin and discreet, they keep dry.
Their price: 3,99 € the 30. More info

Nursing square Mum and the go

Convenient to breastfeed in public, a pretty square Chantilly. 120 € (Mum on the Go) Where to find it?

Mustela Breastfeeding Balm

To be applied after each feeding or from the moment when your breasts are irritated, this paraben-free balm, based on avocado peptides and shea butter, effectively relieves: 7,90 € (Mustela). Pharmacy and drugstore.

Picot breastfeeding herbal tea with verbena

Rich in organic plants naturally recognized to contribute to the production of milk (fennel, caraway, anise), it also has a pleasant taste. Its price: 3,80 € the 20 bags.

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