Name Gloire - Meaning and origin

Name Gloire - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Latins, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Of Latin origin, this name means glory of course, but also "renown" or "reputation".


There are no celebrities named Gloire yet. Perhaps your treasure will be the most glorious Glory?

His character :

Glory shines with its cheerfulness. She spreads the joy of living around her. She appreciates surprises and likes nothing less than routine. She knows how to share her passions and assigns herself as a role to spice up the lives of people around her. Adventurous, she tries thrills, even extreme, with enthusiasm.

Versatile and easy-going, she adapts herself with astonishing ease to what life offers her, without complaining, always with a smile. She will perform all her actions with the passion that characterizes her.

It could be believed stubborn but it is especially that it has a will of iron. She carries out what she begins and implements what she says. No matter the difficulties or the obstacles, she makes a point of honor to go to the end of her actions or ideas. She loves to dream and her overflowing imagination helps her to escape. Audacious and curious, she likes to try new things.

In addition, you will have the pleasure of giving your toddler a modern name that only began to appear in 1990, and whose popularity is on the rise.


Gloria, Glorianne, Glory, Glodi and Glody.

His party :

Undetermined. But her neighbor Gloria is celebrating on March 11th.

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