Name Fredy - Meaning and origin

Name Fredy - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Fredy comes from the germain "fridric" which breaks down into frido and ric, meaning "power of peace".


Frédy Kunz was the Franco-Swiss priest who created the fraternity of the suffering servant in Brazil.
Fredy Taminiaux is a painter, musician, writer and Belgian sculptor.
Fredy Massamba is a Congolese author and singer.
Fredy Guarín, whose real name is Fredy Alejandro Guarín Vázquez, is a professional Colombian soccer player who has played in prestigious clubs such as AS Saint-Etienne and FC Porto.

His patron saint is Saint Frederick, elected bishop of Utrecht between 828 and 838 according to the will of the emperor Louis the debonair. He took advantage of his position by showing generosity towards the poorest. When he visited his diocese, he spread the good word, restored the churches in ruins and tried to repair the injustices.

His character :

Fredy speaks little about him, he seems mysterious and keeps a part of his life secret. He is thoughtful, does not show his feelings, but keeps them to himself. This behavior may give a false impression of coldness or lack of interest for others. He surprises his entourage when he stings anger. Its authoritarian character and its royal port characterize it, but this image is softened by its natural charm. His strength and power hide his shyness. He dreams of realizing exceptional things that will make history. He inspires the affection of his family and his friends. His sensuality and virility always make him want to seduce. Fredy loves adventures and struggles to have a stable relationship. He is a perfectionist, gives more importance to details and demands as much of himself as of others. He likes everything and his entourage can count on him to carry out a task or take responsibility.


Frederigo, Fritz, Rick, Fredo, Frede, Freddi.

His party :

We celebrate Fredy on July 18th.

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