Name Fathma - Meaning of origin

Name Fathma - Meaning of origin

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Fathma is a feminine given name of Arab origin. Its original Fatma version is frequently attributed in Turkey.

For Catholics, Fathma is also a derivative of the name Fatima in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Fathma comes from Arabic fatma meaning "young camel".

In the Muslim religion, Fatima was the favorite daughter of the prophet Muhammad, and in the Koranic language she refers to "the most noble woman in paradise".


Fatma Sultan (1500-1571), daughter of Selim I, sultan of Constantinople.

Fatma Sahin, chemical engineer of Turkish origin.

His character :

Fathma is a child overflowing with energy. She is also a little passionate walking to the heart. She only chooses to do what she is passionate about. His tremendous energy and strong will give him a great dynamism. Bold and enterprising, Fathma dares to try new experiences to expand her knowledge. This is how she can learn and mature faster than those of her age.

Open-minded and curious by nature, she is endowed with a keen relationship and will know from an early age that difference is a wonderful quality common to all human beings.


Fatima, Fatouma and Fatma are all variants of Fathma.

His party :

The women named Fathma are honored on May 13th.

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