The toilet of the baby's face

The toilet of the baby's face

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Nose, eyes, ears, nails ... what are the good things to clean your baby's pretty face? Discover him in pictures with Tung Ahn and his little Noémie, 2 months, and Valérie, mother of Gabrielle, 8 months.

The baby face toilet (5 pics)

A small piece of nose well cleared

Noémie does not really appreciate this passage, but no question of leaving her nose cluttered. Tung Anh takes a piece of absorbent cotton and rolls it between her fingers. It impregnates with physiological saline then introduces it by turning at the base of the nostril. No need to go further: the phlegm already come out of the nose of Noémie. A second wick for the other nostril and, whew, it's over!

Warning the eyes

For the beautiful eyes of her baby, Tung Anh is very caring. It soaks a sterile compress with a little saline. She holds Naomi's face firmly in one hand and gently cleans the other's eye, moving from the inner corner of the eye (nose) to the temple. With the aid of a second compress, Tung Anh proceeds in the same way for the other eye.

The ears: gently

To remove the excess of cerumen (natural secretion of the auditory canal) that sometimes soiled the ear of Noémie, Tung Anh does not use any cotton swab that could create a plug. He only needs to clean the pavilion with cotton soaked in physiological saline. With a damp cotton, it cleans the folds behind the ear, dries them. If this part is dry, Tung Anh applies a little moisturizer for baby.

And for the older ones: a little manicure

Valerie regularly checks Gabrielle's nails to prevent it from scratching, and maintain good hygiene. She uses scissors for baby with round ends, reserved for this purpose. Valerie holds her daughter's fingers firmly in her hand and cuts the nails following the rounded fingers. For the toenails, the gesture is the same, but it cuts them squared to prevent them from becoming incarnate.

A bright smile

Since Gabrielle's first two teeth are out, Valerie cleans them twice a day. She sits her daughter on her lap, back against her. She wraps a compress soaked in physiological saline around her index finger and rubs her daughter's teeth. This gesture amuses Gabrielle. Valerie massages her gums to promote blood circulation and the thrust of other teeth.

Elisabeth Tzimakas

Changing table (Bébé Confort), towel (Aqua Elvé), bodysuits (Petit Bateau), scissors (Tigex), blanket (Moulin Roty).