Name Eos - Meaning and origin

Name Eos - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Greek language, the name Eos means "sunrise". This is the equivalent of the Latin word aurora which means "aurora".


So far, no celebrity has the name Eos.

His character :

Eos stands out by the strength of his personality. Energetic and authoritarian, he lacks neither will nor ambition to succeed. His intelligence and clairvoyance will surely lead him to a brilliant career.
Passionate about art and literature, Eos is a great speaker who handles words with tact and finesse. He easily managed to rally his entourage to his cause.
With an adventurous spirit, Eos loves to travel, meet new people and discover other cultures. He has a great ability to adapt.


The name Eos has no derivatives.

His party :

The day of December 13 is dedicated to Eos.

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