Name Emerence - Meaning of the origin

Name Emerence - Meaning of the origin

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Meaning of the name:

Derived from Émérentienne, the name Emerence comes from the Latin "emerere" resulting in "deserve".


Sainte Emerance or Emerentienne is a young martyr from the beginning of the 4th century. Daughter of the nurse of Saint Agnes, she converted to Christianity on the example of her sister milk. She is the patron saint of Maisoncelles-du-Maine, a French commune located in the department of Mayenne, in the region of the Loire.

His character :

With a strong personality, Emerence is very authoritarian. Paradoxically, she hates to submit. Lively and intelligent, she is fully involved in what she undertakes. Serious and effective, she needs to feel useful. Under a face of authority is actually hiding a love of travel and discovery. Impatient and an enemy of routine, she loves change. Indeed, Emerence is a free spirit animated by a need for independence and movement.
Despite her egocentric side, this generous person has a very strong sense of friendship. Flirty and very feminine, she loves to be elegant. Thanks to its sense of aesthetics, its charm leaves no one indifferent. Discreet, but extroverted, she feels at ease in society. She has a natural touch allowing her to easily weave links.
Sentimentally, this modest woman never lets her emotions show through. For fear of being betrayed, she does not reveal herself easily. Of reserved temperament, Emerence prefers to listen to others. Behind this facet of a strong woman lies a hypersensitive and emotional person.


Emerens, Emerenz, Emerance, Emerancia, Emeranzia, Emmerence and Emmerensia.

His party :

People named Emerence are celebrated on January 23rd.

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