Elodine Meaning - Origin and Names

Elodine Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

French, Latins, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Variation of Elodie, this name comes from the Latin word alodis, meaning "property".


No celebrities listed to date are so named, perhaps your child will be the first?

His character :

Elodine is distinguished by her frankness and her smile to the ears. Petite, she is talkative, greedy and lively. Particularly touching and sociable, she easily makes friends and attracts confidence like a magnet. Energetic, she runs and jumps in all directions, laughing. Indefatigable, she hates to waste her time sleeping and does not sleep until she is exhausted. Coquette, Elodine will want to put on the heels of his mother and sting her makeup very early. Smiling, she illuminates and brightens the lives of her loved ones. Dreamy, sentimental and creative, this girl does not always have her feet on the ground. Station to whom would try to break his dreams!


Alodia, Elodie, Elodia, Elodiane, Edina, Eddine and Elodina are variants of Elodine.

His party :

Elodine is celebrated on October 22, in honor of Saine Alodia of Spain.

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