Name Donagan - Meaning and origin

Name Donagan - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Donagan comes from the Armenian "don" meaning "the party".


No known Donagan yet ...

In the 14th century, Donagan was a major Crimean negotiator.

His character :

Donagan does not fail to attract admiring glances. Extroverted, he is largely open to the outside world. He is a curious person who is constantly on the lookout for new knowledge. Sure of him, he is not easily influenced and sometimes stubborn. Active and rigorous, he needs to surpass himself and above all, to overcome others. Donagan is a sensitive person with a fairly developed sense of friendship. The family is a necessary framework for its balance, even if it has a certain sense of independence.


There is no derivation with the name Donagan.

His party :

No party is awarded to people named Donagan.

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