Name Diane - Meaning and origin

Name Diane - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Diane is a Latin feminine given name, from Latin "diana", luminous, divine.

Diane also comes from Diana, figure of mythology. Beautiful and agile, this goddess of Nature and hunting among the Romans, related to Artemis in the Greeks, reappears in the Renaissance. The name then spread throughout Europe aristocrat.


Diane Keaton, American actress and director, Diane Kurys, actress, producer and screenwriter, Diane Ladd, American actress and Diane Tell, Canadian singer.

St. Diana was born in Bologna in a noble family. Very young, she turned to God, against the advice of her parents, and founded a convent of Dominicans. She died in 1236.

His character :

Spontaneous, Diane is intuitive as rational. She has a very particular reasoning. Nice, Diane knows how to appreciate the qualities of each member of his entourage, and has a great emotional need. Knowing that you love him gives him a real sense of well-being. Diane is generally well integrated into society and easily befriends others. Adorable, she seduces his entourage and holds all his attention.

Balanced, she knows how to balance things and behave in a reasonable way in situations that require it. Diane is passionate about art from an early age, photography or dance in particular. Her grace and dynamism favor her dancing skills. His education should include an important cultural component, Diane being naturally predisposed. Eyes wide open on the artistic world, Diane will draw her personal fulfillment.


Diane has many derived names such as Dianan, Deana and Dian. Dyan is his male counterpart.

His party :

The Diana are celebrated on June 9

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