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How old does a child believe in Santa Claus?

How old does a child believe in Santa Claus?

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Santa Claus, Santa Claus ... That's for sure the old man with a white beard has the mega rating with your child. Because he brings gifts, of course, but not only. It also brings the warmth of being together as a family.

Santa exists!

  • In the mind of your child, Santa existsjust like charming princes, fairy tales or the little mouse! After all, this story is no more extraordinary than the bells that hide chocolates in the garden.
  • They may choose their gifts in the catalogss, children think without a shadow of a doubt that they come from the country of Santa Claus. Similarly, they have the ability to accept all kinds of contradictions (Santa Claus is never wrong, even if he brings objects not ordered ...). Here again, it is the magical thought that inhabits them.

All the right reasons to believe in Santa Claus

  • Santa has a big beard, reassuring wrinkles and a cajoling laugh. In his own way, he reestablishes the filiation with the ancestors and the link with the past that our way of life has sometimes broken. This is the opportunity, among other things, to see his grandparents.
  • Christmas is the time when the family meets in full... or almost: a quarter of separated parents recreate the family unit around the tree.
  • During this celebration, children are at the center of everything. It is essential to keep this place until the fateful moment. Whether it's the evening or the next morning, it does not matter when the gifts are given, as long as the sharing of emotions is done with the family.

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