Name Dalia - Meaning of the origin

Name Dalia - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Originally, the name "Dalia" comes from the surname "Dahl", the name of a Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl. It is this scientist who attributed the name "Dahlia" to the flower, native to the warm regions of Mexico.


Israeli politician Dalia Itzik (Interim President of the State of Israel in 2007), Mexican actress Dalia Hernandez (who participated in Mel Gibson's film "Apocalypto"), Venezuelan taekwondo player Dalia Contreras, Israeli poet Dalia Ravikovich or Jamaican athlete Dahlia Duhaney.

His character :

Dalia is a hard-working, independent personality who spares no effort to reach the end of her dreams. His determination is flawless, nothing can stop him. In case of difficulties, she does not hesitate to seek a little help from relatives. At Dalia, optimism is always a must. She can not be easily slaughtered. He is also a person of great heart, always ready to offer his support to those in need. The happiness of her family is what matters most to her and she is always ready for anything for the well-being of her family.


Dahlia, Dalya and Dalhia.

His party :

We celebrate the Dalia on October 5th.

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