Name Conan - Meaning and origin

Name Conan - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, Anglo-Saxons, French

Meaning of the name:

Conan is a French first name of Welsh ancestry.

Conan derives its origin from the Welsh term kon, resulting in "high".


Celebrities named Conan include American comedian Conan O'Brien and Australian screenwriter Conan Stevens. Note also the fictitious character Conan the Barbarian, hero imagined by the novelist and American novelist Robert E. Howard.

Scottish saint, Conan de Mon, also called Mochonna, served God with fervor from his earliest childhood. He was ordained priest towards the end of the sixth century. St. Conan then went to the Isle of Man, Ireland, to preach the good word and abolish druidism. He became one of the most popular saints in the Hebrides archipelago.

His character :

Curious by nature, Conan likes to learn. He is deeply involved in his studies, motivated by his thirst for knowledge. Passionate about challenges, he has a soul of leader that manifests itself from an early age. Hyperactive, he continues the activities and shows a ease of assimilation disconcerting. Enemy of monotony, this adventurer is endowed with an overflowing imagination and exemplary bravery. His favorite fields are entrepreneurship, tourism, science and art.

Conan has an unshakable self-confidence. It is not influenced or diverted from its objectives. His insight allows him to quickly discern the good associates of the bad ones. Moreover, he does not miss the opportunity to give small lessons of morality to his friends.


Konan, Conann, Konon, Connie ...

His party :

The people named Conan are honored on September 28th.

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