Name Charles - Meaning and origin

Name Charles - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From the Germanic Karl, "virile, masculine".


There are countless saints, monarchs and warriors who have illustrated this name. Its origin goes back to Charlemagne, called Charles the Great.

The prince of the house of Habsburg Charles V (1500-1558), the English naturalist Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882), the former French president Charles de Gaules (1890-1970), the great English novelist Charles Dickens (1812- 1870), the French linguist Charles Rostaing (1904-1999), the French politician Charles Pasqua (1927-2015), the French singer-songwriter, actor and diplomat Charles Aznavour, the American inventor Charles Francis Jenkins ( 1867-1934), one of the pioneers in the fields of television and cinema, Charles Babbages (1791-1871), mathematician and English visionary.

Saint Charles Borromeo was an Italian bishop of the sixteenth century and cardinal of the Catholic Church of the time. After his death in 1584, his tomb was the scene of many miracles.

His character :

Dynamic and hyperactive, Charles likes to break the routine. He experiments with new things and learns a lot from his discoveries. Quick-witted, he is known for his remarkable intelligence and analytical skills. His sense of observation is also very developed, allowing him to better understand the people around him. Autonomous and responsible, he always takes things in hand without asking for help. Tender and affectionate, Charles likes to take care of his loved ones. He also excels in relationships with others, making him seem sociable and easy-going.


Charle, Charlie, Charlelie, Charlot, Carl.

His party :

The Charles are celebrated on November 4th.

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