Name Candie - Meaning of origin

Name Candie - Meaning of origin

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The name Candie is a diminutive of "Candide", having as its origin the Latin "Candidus". The name refers to whiteness, purity and innocence.


French footballer Candie Herbert, singer-songwriter and blues music performer Candye Kane.

Candide is a holy martyr who was tortured with her husband Artème and their daughter Pauline in Rome because of their attachment to the Christian religion.

His character :

Candie is a sweet woman who feels the need to have a little company from time to time. Her desire to be supported, even assisted in everything she undertakes, can make her sometimes dependent on others.

To avoid annoying those around her, Candie can shut herself up in her little bubble. This is what happens when she realizes that her person is embarrassing to others. Candie then distances herself and becomes a little head in the air, subject to all sorts of strange reveries. His lazy and slightly frivolous attitude takes over his other personality traits. She becomes careless and indifferent to everything that happens around her.

Nevertheless, when she regains her senses, Candie leaves this character behind her to put on the image of a person overflowing with will. She can be incredibly tenacious if she feels engaged. It must first find a good source of motivation to be able to excel.


Candys, Kandia.

His party :

The people named Candie are honored on October 3rd.

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