Name Bryan - Meaning and Origin

Name Bryan - Meaning and Origin

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Meaning of the name:

Bryan is a male name of Celtic origin that can be translated as "esteem", "elevation", "power" or "nobility". The name Bryan also comes from the old Breton "bri" and "uual" which means "worthy, powerful" and "brave".


A bit of history first with the Irish king Brian Boru, born around 941, who ruled the whole island of Ireland in the early 11th century.
Many artists for Bryan ... Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, American singer Bryan Ferry, founder of Roxy Music, American actor Bryan Cranston (Godzilla, Breaking Bad) ... and the creator of the original voice of Elmer Fudd, a character from Warner Brothers' famous Looney Tunes cartoon series, Arthur Quirk Bryan (1899-1959).

His patron saint? Saint Briac, who evangelized Armorica in the 6th century and founded a convent where he exorcised the sick.

His character :

Bryan is demanding, playful, spontaneous and natural. Courageous, frank and honest, he does not hesitate to assume his opinions perfectly and hates hypocrites and manipulators. A word to you ...


Brayan, Brian, Brett, Briac, Briana, Briagenn

His party :

Bryan is celebrated on December 17th.

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