Name Anyssa - Meaning of thumbs

Name Anyssa - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

The name Anyssa can have two origins. First, Anyssa is a name derived from Agnes. The latter comes from the Greek "Agne" which means "pure". Anyssa is also an Arabic female name that translates literally as "amiable" or "miss".


French-Tunisian actresses Anissa Daoud and American Anissa Jones, American psychiatrist Anissa Abi-Dargham, French columnist Anissa Arfaoui, Lebanese cookbook author Anissa Helou.

Saint Agnes is a saint, a virgin and a Christian martyr of the end of the third century. Born in Rome, she died at the age of 13. She would be the sister of Saint Emerentian and the patron saint of virgins, betrothed, young girls and chastity.

His character :

Anyssa is a sociable and possessive person. She likes to have control and control. It is not a desire for domination, but rather a lack of trust in the skills of others. She will tend to want to control everything. She will also be very perfectionist and demanding towards those around her. Anyssa is therefore independent and lonely. Indeed, although she does not reject the company of others, it is especially in solitude that she will give the best of herself. On the professional side, she will undoubtedly prefer the trades in which she will be free to give free rein to her imagination.


Annise, Anyse, Anise, Anissah, Anissa, Anisa, Anisha, Annissa, Hanissa, Annyssa

His party :

The name Anyssa is celebrated on January 21st.

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