Name Anne-Fleur - Meaning of origin

Name Anne-Fleur - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This attractive feminine given name comes from the contraction of the Hebrew "hannanh" and the Latin "floris" which can respectively be translated as "graceful" and "flowers".


Anne-Fleur Inizan is a French lyric singer born May 1, 1979 in Lannion in Côtes-d'Armor in Brittany. She is a former member of the Maîtrise de la Tréguier Cathedral.
Annefleur Kalvenhaar was a Dutch cyclist (cyclo-cross & mountain bike) champion in Europe Cyclo-cross under 23 years in 2013.
Anne-Fleur is under the protection of Saint Anne, the grandmother of Jesus and patron saint of Brittany.

His character :

Serious and seductive, Anne-Fleur appears as an ideal mother with regard to her daily behavior. She inspires respect by her attitude. This excellent hostess loves to spend time in the kitchen preparing delicious recipes. She collects cookbooks to regularly surprise her family with delicacies. The interior of his house is always decorated with care. Indeed, the native loves to live in a peaceful and orderly place. Anne-Fleur also has a special attachment to spirituality and acts according to her own values. In her life, Anne-Fleur sometimes needs compliments and encouragement to progress. This kind of stimulus allows him to quickly regain confidence in difficult times. Once reassured, Anne-Fleur is distinguished by her ability to move forward with dynamism and enthusiasm in life. His sociability allows him to attract the sympathy of others. His companion may then become very protective, even jealous of what is happening on a daily basis. They will have to find a good balance in their relationship, because the native is devoted and considerate towards his family. She will never change her attitude, because her generosity will always take over.


Anne-Flore, Anne-Flora, Anne-Flower, Annah, Anne and Annick.

His party :

The date of July 26 is dedicated to Anne-Fleur.

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