Name Amaury - Meaning and origin

Name Amaury - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic, Old French

Meaning of the name:

Amal germain translating as "dark root", associated with the family of Visigoth kings Amali, and ric meaning "powerful"

Like all Visigoth names, Amaury has spread especially in the countries of southern France. Amalaric or Amalarich, king of the Visigoths (507-531), married one of the daughters of King Clovis.

The name Amaury comes from the germain amal meaning "dark root" and ric transcribed by "powerful". Amaury owes its success to the fame of the family Visigoth kings Amali.


Amaury de Montfort, lords, Amaury I of Meulan and Amaury I of Craon, or the kings Amaury II of Lusignan (Cyprus), as well as Amaury I of Jerusalem.

His character :

As a child, Amaury is determined and knows what he wants. Acting as a model son, or almost, he is docile and studious. He will tend to erudition, so much he loves reading. Amaury is indeed one of those who dive into the books in their spare time. On the sociability side, he will show a sense of sharing and solidarity from an early age. That's why he will make a great elder. Amaury will know and love to guide to set an example for her siblings.

Amaury's company is generally appreciated by his peers. Volunteer and bursting with energy, Amaury is also determined. Confident, he does not let go when he is attacked. Curious by nature, Amaury is interested in everything and does not miss any opportunity to learn new things. Follower of "all new, all beautiful", Amaury hates the monotony. This little hedonist also has luxury tastes and appreciates comfort.


The most famous derivatives of Amaury are Amory, Amery and Almaric.

His party :

The Amaury are celebrated on January 15th.

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