Name Alyssia - Meaning and origin

Name Alyssia - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Alyssia is a derivative of the first name Alice. The latter comes from the Germanic name "Adalhaid" which means "noble moor".


Indian singer Alyssia Vibha Sharma, American singer and actress Alyssa Milano, American actress Alyssa Diaz.

Saint Adelaide or Saint Alice was a princess of Burgundy of the tenth century. She was queen consort of Germany and empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Her first husband, Lothair of Italy, was poisoned and thrown into prison. It was soon delivered by the king of Germany Otton I. She married him and put his influence on the Emperor in the service of the poor. She assured the regency of the empire of 991 until the majority of Otto III in 995. It is due to him especially the double monastery of Seltz and the monastery saint Martin of Tours. She is the patron saint of abuse victims, brides, prisoners and princesses.

His character :

Alyssia is a reckless person and a go-getter from her earliest childhood. A bit rebellious, she needs to be cuddly with those she loves. Good living and eager for meetings and discoveries, she is very pleasant to live and makes the happiness of her relatives.


Alexia, Alix, Alice, Alicia, Alyssa, Adelaide

His party :

The Alyssia are celebrated on December 16th.

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