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Why is he doing the baby suddenly?

Why is he doing the baby suddenly?

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That's three times your child pee in bed and now he's calling you "a lolo" zozotant like a baby. What takes him to your "big"?

The little steps behind their child sometimes worry parents. They are however quite frequent. By being attentive, you will certainly be able to detect the reason for this behavior and find the words to help it move forward and take the path of the big ones!

Why is he doing the baby?

A recoil motion always hides a cause. Whatever it is, it reflects a desire to reassure oneself.

  • An identity to be forged. Around 3 years old, your child has become aware of his place in the family. Today, he begins to wonder about his place on earth! This is the beginning of the great existential questions such as "What is what when one dies?", "Where was I before I was born?" This new research is not without anxiety and some children are hesitant before embarking on the unknown.
  • New benchmarks to tame. Moving, changing school, returning to work, illness of a loved one ... Your child does not have a concept of time or space yet. The fear that arises from a new event can lead him to want to regress in a situation he knows well: that of the baby!
  • A change of status. If a little brother or sister has arrived, his place in the family is no longer the same. And that asks him question. He became "big". You, his parents seem to be moving away to take care of the baby. How do you know if you still like it? By becoming small once again: pee in bed, find the diapers, the bottle ... Sensations of pleasure which he has nostalgia.
  • Learning autonomy. Growing up, one must assume responsibilities that are not always funny: eating and dressing by oneself, tidying up one's toys ... And if to dodge these new tasks, one made one believe in papa-mom that one does not know any more?

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