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Crying baby: the technique of a pediatrician to stop them

Crying baby: the technique of a pediatrician to stop them

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Published on Youtube, this video of an American pediatrician has made the buzz with its technique almost "infallible" to stop the crying baby.

Dr. Robert Hamilton of the Pacific Ocean Pediatrics Hospital in Santa Monica, USA, made the buzz with this video seen on YouTube millions of times. He presents his technique almost "infallible" to calm the cry of baby video.

Attention, this simple technique requires a little training:
Cross your infant's arms on his chest and hold them with your hand while supporting his chin.
Place your right hand under your buttocks and carry it at 45 degrees and rock gently.
Slowly shake your baby's bottom while rocking it up and down.
Also try the rotating rocking as on the video ... the result is unreadable, the baby stops crying almost instantly.

Good to know : this technique works with a baby under 3 months because after it becomes too heavy to wear safely.

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