Aquatic gym: ideal during pregnancy

Aquatic gym: ideal during pregnancy

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During these nine months, it is important to take care of yourself and to have a moderate physical activity. The aquatic gym is ideal because it combines the benefits of water with no risk. And what a relaxation!

Aquatic gym, what is it?

  • From the gym to a pool, as its name suggests! Thanks to the water, you can move freely without risk of shock or trauma for your future baby. Muscular exercises, relaxation ... water aerobics keeps you active during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of the pregnant aquatic gym?

  • First, and not least, the activity in the water provides a feeling of well-being and relaxation beneficial during these nine months. The opportunity to empty your head and promote your sleep because it is a "good tiredness".
  • It will also allow you to maintain a good flexibility of your joints, to strengthen you gently, to prevent back pain and to control your weight gain during these nine months.
  • If you suffer from circulation problems, it is also beneficial because it promotes blood circulation and avoids the feeling of heavy legs.
  • Other benefits, it reduces blood pressure, facilitates digestion and allows to work breathing.

Are there contraindications?

  • The aquatic gym is a soft gym par excellence. There is no risk, provided of course not to be extravagant.
  • Before registering, ask your doctor or gynecologist for advice because you will need to provide a medical certificate of no contraindication, as is the case for each sport.
  • Even if you have never played any sport, you can put yourself in during your pregnancy and enroll in specific prenatal water aerobics classes. These sessions last about 40 minutes and take place in the municipal pool or sometimes in the maternity ward if it is equipped with a swimming pool.
  • Good to know : if the sessions are led by a health professional (midwife), you can receive a refund by Social Security.

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