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Little Penguin

Little Penguin

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Christmas is fast approaching ... Here is Petit Penguin, a story written by Stéphane Daniel and told by Pierre Richard. Quick, go to the ice floe ...

  • It's a cold penguin this December and Christmas is coming. Little Penguin is a little concerned because he learned that Christmas night, we had to put his shoes at the foot of the fireplace. But there is no fireplace in his igloo! Never mind, he'll make one! Little Penguin cutting big blocks of ice. And since a fire needs wood, he hides at the bottom of his room a few planks found at the edge of the water.
  • On New Year's Eve, Little Penguin waits for the house to be asleep and he puts logs in his chimney. He lights the fire, looks for a moment the pretty flames dance and he goes back to bed.
  • The next morning, he opens an eye and leaves his room, eager to discover his gifts. But as a gift, there is none. There are no slippers either ... or fireplace. In place, there is only one big water hole.
  • - But if you had asked me, I would have told you that the ice, it melts!, ​​Says his father.
  • "I'm sorry," said Little Penguin, sheepishly.
  • Head down, Little Penguin returns to his room. For sure, the hole swallowed his gifts, along with his slippers. His heart suddenly leaps in his chest. At the foot of his bed, a magnificent package awaits him, that he did not notice when waking up. He opens it.
  • - Dad mom ! Look, it's a panoply of firefighters!
  • Very proud, he puts on the leather jacket and wears his silver helmet. Then, inflating his chest, he announces:
  • - I present to you the first fireman of the pack ice!
  • - You are therefore a pinponpinguin!, replies his mother.

By Stéphane Daniel.

I listen to the story told by Pierre Richard

Santa's Enigma

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