Small Santa

Small Santa

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Little Santa Claus, Long live the wind, My beautiful Christmas tree ... your toddler loves these nursery rhymes that tell him about Christmas. You forgot the lyrics? Find them! To sing loudly with your child to wait until D-day.

  • It's the beautiful Christmas night
  • Snow spreads its white coat
  • And eyes raised to the sky
  • On your knees, little children
  • Before closing the eyelids
  • Make a last prayer.


Small Santa

When you come down from the sky

With toys by the thousands

Do not forget my little shoe.

But before leaving

It will be necessary to cover you

Outside you're going to be so cold

It's a bit because of me.

  • The sandman has passed
  • Children will go to sleep
  • And you will be able to start
  • With your hood on your back
  • At the sound of church bells
  • Your distribution of surprises.


  • I can not wait for the day to come
  • To see if you brought me
  • All the beautiful toys I see in my dreams
  • And that I ordered you


  • And when you will be on your beautiful cloud
  • Come first on our house
  • I have not been very wise every day
  • But I beg your pardon


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