Paris Beach for children, here we go!

Paris Beach for children, here we go!

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Let's go for the 13th edition of Paris Plage! Until September 4, 2016, little Parisians and young tourists are at the party! Some program ideas.

  • Little Velibs to learn how to pedal safely from 2 to 8 years old. On the right bank (at the Louis Philippe Bridge and Pompidou Way), it's free! Info here.
  • Foosball in the Bassin de la Villette and Pompidou Way, gardening workshops on the Pompidou route, ephemeral libraries in La Villette and on the banks.
  • Sandcastle workshops at the Lafarge space (Pompidou way). Materials, advice, but also a diploma at the end of 45-minute lessons for children from 6 to 10 years old.
  • Beaches reserved for 3-7 years... To play with sand, make pies, have fun! And nautical bases at la Villette with rowing, kayaking, sailing and rowing boats for family fun.
  • A coffee for children, the Cafézoid, quai de la Loire (La Villette basin). To drink and eat cakes of course, but also to play, to learn music or painting, to build tipis ...
  • A carousel on the basin of Villette for 3-7 years ... and not just any ... a real carousel like the carousels of yesteryear.
  • A zip line for older children, from 6 years old in the basin of La Villette. An animation framed by professionals that allows to fly over the channel over 160 meters and 8 meters high. Guaranteed sensations.
  • An appointment with Nemo... on August 17, 206 from 9 pm, a projection of the film The World of Nemo is planned on the forecourt of the Town Hall. Not to miss !
  • Other cities in the suburbs or in the provinces, like Toulouse, also offer their own entertainment around the beach.



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