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Panic at the circus! : episode 2

Panic at the circus! : episode 2

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While the Zipo clown was rehearsing his show, a series of bizarre events came to jeopardize the evening performance at the Popof Circus. Our hero has started chasing the clues ... but a bad surprise awaits him. The continuation of our history.

  • While Zipo is helping Viktor search for clues, a shout sounds. Manolo the little acrobat, a newcomer in the troupe, emerges from his trailer, panicking: "We stole my beautiful golden costume! And the director just told me to wear it tonight! "
  • And now Tina the knife thrower exclaims: "Oh ! I replaced my knives with toys!"Indeed, they bounce off the target instead of crashing in. Zipo wants to laugh, but this is not the time.
  • Zipo gathers all the artists in the middle of the trailers and announces: "No doubt: there is a saboteur at the circus!"
  • Tina roars, "Yes, and I know him, they're really bad jokes, Zipo!"
  • The clown is stunned: "Huh?" "I saw you laughing. And what does your bow tie do next to my knife suitcase? "" Uh ... I must have lost it earlier. But I'm not for nothing, damn it then! "
  • Zipo turns away proudly, but hits a big balloon and misses out. The others laugh: "What a joker!"
  • Quickly, he must unmask the culprit. His honor is at stake! As you pass Tina's trailer, the little clown glances through the window. Well, what's beyond this chest?
  • The skates and the tutu of the bear Micha! And there, the balls of Viktor the juggler. Hidden under the bed, there is even the golden suit of Manolo the acrobat.
  • Zipo jumps: "The liar ! And she has the nerve to accuse me? It will not happen like that!"
  • But when Tina arrives, she is stunned: "I do not understand, someone came into my house!"

Will Zipo break through all these mysteries? The end.

A story written by Pascale Hédelin, illustrated by Aurélie Guillerey, published in the magazine J'apprends à lire, Milan jeunesse.