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The festival of Music

The festival of Music

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Attention the ears! Super Nanny uncovers a melody, rhythm and harmony with her small troupe, who gives herself to her heart's content. One thing is certain, children do not lack creativity ...

  • The title of the course I followed, "Sensory Awakening by Music for Toddlers", made me a harmonious blend of Beethoven, Maurice Béjart, Bob Dylan and Henri De. Basically, the animators preached a convert because I have always been a fervent follower of these practices. For two reasons: interest in children is obvious for their development, and music and singing is joy and sharing. I look forward to implementing the suggestions for activities collected. Upon my return, I even made a hook by the musical instrument store.
  • A gray weather nails my audience inside. In the player, I slide a CD of percussions. Zouzou, who has become very well integrated in the group, gets up like a devil and, looking serious, wagging on the carpet of awakening, which greatly appeals to Sam and Lubin.
  • "Do you want to make music like on the record?" I propose them.
  • I get "You!" with "Yeah!" The rivals of Star Academy are born! I take out my instruments, a xylophone, a tambourine, two maracas, jingles, a rain stick, which I put in the middle of the room. I'm about to suggest they pick each one when I see Sam who, hammer, improvised a rhythmic concert on his studio plastic fetish. Idea!
  • I say, "Look, Sam, he invented an instrument, how could he be called?"
  • "The boom boom workshop!" promptly proposes its designer.
  • "Perfect! Children, look in the house for what can make music and bring it all."

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