2014 Girl's First Name List

2014 Girl's First Name List

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For girls, no big change this year, but the confirmation of a trend in girls: the first names in "a" and the arrival of Juliet in the top 20.

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2014 Girls First Names List (20 photos)

2014 Girl's First Names List-Emma

1. Emma

His origin : Germanic heim, "house", or ermin, "big, powerful".
His history : Emma is not the diminutive of Emmanuelle, but a full name. Her patron saint is a wealthy eleventh-century German widow who donated her goods to the poor. During the High Middle Ages, several queens from France and England were named as well. Then, like many names considered too medieval, it knew a long period of darkness to be reborn in all Europe and to appear today among the most given first names. Emma was already leader last year.
His party : April 19th.

2014 Lola Girl First Names List

2. Lola

His origin : Lola is the diminutive of the Spanish name Dolores which means "pains".
His history : Lola Montès, a famous Irish courtesan of the late nineteenth century, capsized many hearts at the court of Louis I of Bavaria. Unfortunately, her idyll with Louis I made a scandal and she was driven out of the kingdom. Fled to the United States, she was picked up by a New Orleans circus and lived an artist's life.
His party : September 15th.

2014 Chloe Girl's First Names List

3. Chloe

His origin : Greek chloe, meaning "the young plant".
His history : nickname of the Greek goddess of the Earth Demeter, Chloe becomes a popular name in the Greek world. After a period of oblivion, this name resurfaced around 1970, certainly with the success of L'Ecume des jours by Boris Vian in 1947, which one of the main characters bears this name. Since 1990, Chloe, without accent, has been a great success in Great Britain. It is one of the few names concomitant between our two countries.
His party : October 5th with Fleur.

2014 Top Names of Girl-Inès

4. Ines

His origin : Inès is the Hispanic form of Agnès, from Greek Agne, "pure".
His history : the most famous of the Ines was probably Ines de Castro, who lived in the 14th century and became the mistress then the secret wife of Don Pedro, son of Alfonso IV of Portugal. The latter had her murdered in the name of reason of state. There is also a saint Ines Tayeka, a young Christian widow who lived in Japan in the 17th century and was beheaded for receiving missionaries at her home. Ines (sometimes written by Inas) is also an Arab female name which means "amiable", "sociable".
His party : September 10th.

2014 Achievement of Léa's First Names

5. Leah

His origin : of Hebrew lea, "tired", or Latin leo, "lioness".
His history : the Bible speaks of a Leah tired from crying over her fate. Promised to the seductive little Esau, she will eventually replace her sister Rachel to marry Jacob. If this name has always had a good career in English-speaking countries in the form of Leah, its success was later in France, but it is triumphant. In fashion at the Belle Epoque thanks to the heroine of Colette, he experienced a new impetus with the novel The Blue Bicycle by Régine Desforges in 1981. Sainte Léa was a Roman widow of the fourth century who distributed his goods to the poor.
His party : March 22nd.

2014 History of Girl's First Names-Manon

6. Manon

His origin : this name is derived from Marianne or Marie-Anne.
His history : This diminutive is an old name, as illustrated by the work of Father Antoine Prévost (1731), Manon Lescaut. The success of Marcel Pagnol's work, Manon des sources, and his film adaptation by Claude Berry, popularized this name, which seduced all social classes. Manon was 7th last year.
His party : July 9 with Marianne.

2014 Jade Girl First Names List

7. Jade

His origin : from Spanish piedra of the ijadawhich means "flank stone".
His history : christened by the Spaniards in the 15th century, this very fine and very hard green stone from the East would have medicinal virtues and protect against bad luck. It was one of the symbols of absolute power, a stone relative to the emperors. The name Jade appears in Britain in the 70s. Today in France, the precious Jade seduces many parents. A lost place since last year.
His party : March 10 with Esmeralda or June 29 with Pierre.

2014 Girl's First Name List - Louise

8. Louise

His origin : Germanic hlod, "illustrates", and wig, "fighter" who will give Ludwig.
His history : St. Louise de Marillac (1591-1660) was a disciple of St. Vincent de Paul. Under her auspices, she founded the famous congregation of the Sisters of Charity. Louise meets success in the second half of the nineteenth. Louise keeps her place from last year.
His party : March 15, like Lou.

2014 Léna Girl First Name Results

9. Lena

His origin : derived from Helen, from Greek Ele, "bright".
His history : Lena is a fairly new name in France that has certainly benefited from Léa's surge. Hélène from whom she is inspired is one of the most stable female names, the archetype of the classical name. Saint Helena, a Roman empress, is said to have discovered the Holy Cross on the occasion of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Lena was 11th last year.
His party : August 18 with Helen.

2014 Lina Girl First Names List

10. Lina

His origin : Lina is the diminutive of Adelina, Latin form of Adeline, diminutive of Adele.
His history : this diminutive Adeline has retained only its suffix, from the Germanic Lind, "sweet" In English-speaking countries, it is sometimes considered the diminutive of other first names ending in "lina", like Carolina or Angelina. Lina is both in the wake of Lena and in the Italian wave that also grows the Lino male. Lina was 15th last year.
His party : January 27th or March 24th.

Awards 2014 girl names-Zoe

11. Zoé

His origin : from the Greek Zoe, meaning "life, existence".
His history : St. Zoe of Attalia was, in the second century, slave to a Roman citizen in Pamphylia (Asia Minor). During the persecutions against the Christians, she refused to abjure and her master burned her alive in the oven of her villa with her husband and two sons. Used in the church of Orient, it was not until the nineteenth century that the name Zoe appeared in Western Europe, where it is appreciated by parents. Zoe lost 2 places compared to last year.
His party : May 2nd.

2014 Ancestry List of Girl-Lilou First Names

12. Lilou

His origin : from Lou who is the diminutive of Louise, and the prefix Li comes from Latin lilium (the lily).
His history : in the family of Lou, Lilou is the youngest but his success is unheard of. It must be said that the prefix Li feminizes and Lou is very sweet. It was popularized in 1997 with the release of Luc Besson's film The Fifth Element, whose character is called Leeloo. Saint Louise is known to have been close to Saint Vincent de Paul and to have founded The Daughters of Charity in 1633. Lilou was 10th last year.
His party : March 15 with Louise or July 27 with Lilia.

2014 Girl's First Name List

13. Camille

His origin : Latin camillus or camilla, "young man or girl of good family".
His history : even if the male Camille (Desmoulins, Pissaro, Flammarion ...) have been numerous over the centuries, this name tends to become totally feminine. They are all celebrated on July 14, in memory of St. Camille de Lellis, a sixteenth-century Italian soldier who founded in Rome the Order of Servants of the Sick, at the origin of the Red Cross. Camille keeps her place from last year.
His party : the 14th of July.

2014 Girl's First Names List-Sarah

14. Sarah

His origin : this Hebrew name means "the princess, the queen".
His history : in the Bible, Sarah is Abraham's barren wife. When she was 90 years old, three angels told her that she would have a son. Incredulous, she burst out laughing. Nine months later, Isaac was born ... According to the Old Testament, Sarah died at the age of 127! This ancient name is very often attributed in the Judeo-Christian and Muslim cultures. Sarah was 12th last year.
His party : October 9th.

2014 Eva Girl First Names List

15. Eva

His origin : derived from Eve, from Hebrew h'avawhich means "the living".
His history : the little Eva are obviously full of life, even if in the Middle Ages this first name, still little used, evoked ... the weakness vis-a-vis the tempting serpent. Eve is the first female character of the Old Testament for Christians and the first female character of the Torah for Jews. Eva was 16th last year.
His party : September 6th.

2014 Girl's Alice First Name List

16. Alice

His origin : ancient derivative of Adelaide, derived from the Germanic word adal, "noble race".
His history : Alice as Alice in Wonderland, heroine of Lewis Caroll's novel, which brings a touch of fantasy and poetry to this rather classic name. Adelaide is the wife of Othon the Great, founder of the Holy Roman Empire. Remained widowed in 973, she reigned with wisdom. Very pious, she died serving the poor in a monastery near Strasbourg. Alice was 19th last year.
His party : December 16th.

2014 list of girl-Maëlys first names

17. Maëlys

His origin : from the old Breton mael, "prince, chef" and Maïlys (Marie au Lys), from the Landes.
His history : St. Mael lived in the fifth century. Of Irish or Welsh origin, he is the nephew of St. Patrick, patron of the Irish, and came to evangelize Armorica. He is also likely to be the son of the first king of Brittany, Conan Mériadec. This name and all its derivatives are a great success and not only in Brittany. Maëlys was 14th last year.
His party : May 13 or August 15.

2014 Louna Girl First Names List

18. Louna

His origin : in North Africa, luna means "the Moon". In Hawaiian, Louna translates as "exalted". It's also a name of Germanic origin coming from Chlodwig which means "glorious fighter".
His history : the name Louna therefore exists in different languages ​​and cultures. In the Maghreb countries, Luna is quite common. In France, Louna is a name that knows a great flight in recent years. He was 17th last year.
His party : March 15th.

2014 Top Names of Girl-Romane

19. Romance

His origin : Roman substitute, feminine of Romain, from Latin romanus, "Roman".
His history : from the 10th to the 11th century, Roman was the name of four Byzantine emperors. Although it was often given in France in the Middle Ages, it was again completely unknown in the nineteenth century. In the 80s, Roman names were in fashion. Naturally Roman took the lead in the offensive. Romane followed his trail. The popularity of actress Romane Bohringer has undoubtedly been for something. Romane was 20th last year.
His party : February 28th.

2014 Girls' First Names List-Juliette

20. Juliet

His origin : Latin oulos, "whole, in the natural state".
His history : this derivative of Julie quickly became independent to become a full name in the Renaissance. The tragedy of William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, published in 1595, inscribed this name beyond fashions. It is also one of the only ones with a ending in "ette", like Claudette, Suzette, still current. The wave of endings in "a" could bring out its Anglo-Saxon derivative Julietta. Juliette was not in the charts last year.
His party : July 30th.

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