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We choose a Oldelaf CD-book

We choose a Oldelaf CD-book

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The songs a little crabby, in the trash! With his witty humor, this is not the kind of Oldelaf. Nevertheless, it appeals to children. Are we listening to Bête et méchant, his last record?

Beast and Naughty, his last record ...

  • It all starts with the story of a little boy Michel who does not like to listen to songs, who does not like family meals ... his hobby? Send the critters to the graveyard! We read in his bio that when he started Oldelaf was not unanimous. Of course! Nevertheless, some of our dear blond heads listen to it in a loop. And he's funny guy.
  • Rmake sure, Michel learns to love them all these little animals. He is not so bad. He gets to know Monsieur le Renard, whom we call Robin, Isabelle the ladybug who has lost her spots, and Toufy, the depressed oyster who, horror, has jumped (we tell you had said he dared this Oldelaf!).
  • But his melodies are happy and pretty. He knows how to be tender when he closes the furious parenthesis on the story of two little waltzing mice, waltz when the rain "tumbles" and the barley "bombourdonne" ...

Practical information

His record, Beast and Naughty, 14 original songs of Oldelaf, Milan Youth, 19,90 €.

Agnes Barboux