Scheduled caesarean section, when to consider?

Scheduled caesarean section, when to consider?

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Today in France, caesarean section concerns 20% of births, of which 7% for which this operation is scheduled. It is not so rare as that. Indispensable in certain specific medical situations, it can however present risks for the mother.

Caesarean section in practice

  • Caesarean section is a surgical procedure which consists in extracting the baby through a transverse incision of the uterus at the pubic level, when the conditions do not allow a delivery by natural means.
  • It is most often performed under loco-regional anesthesia, which allows the mother to be aware and the father to be present. There are 2 types of caesareans:
  • Emergency Cesarean section. It can be decided during work, for the safety of the mother or the child, when the vaginal delivery becomes impossible.
  • The planned cesarean section. It is planned in advance during pregnancy.

Why schedule a cesarean?

  • When certain clinical situations can jeopardize the smooth running of a vaginal delivery as well as the safety of the mother and the child, a caesarean section can be programmed.
  • This can be the case in a macrosomia (baby too big), a risk of transmission of viruses such as HIV, a placenta previa covering (position of the placenta preventing the expulsion of the baby), in some cases of presentation in the seat or twin pregnancies.
  • It may also be considered in the case of a scar uterus, when the uterine cavity is weakened by the scar left during a surgical procedure, for example in the context of uterine malformation repair surgery or following a previous caesarean section.

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