Mother at 10 years old!

Mother at 10 years old!

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Unbelievable ! A childbirth is a chronicle in Spain. A 10-year-old girl of Romanian origin has just given birth to a 2.9 kg baby. The father of the child is 13 years old. According to the Spanish authorities, the very young mother and child are doing well. (News of the 08/11/10)

The mother of the girl said that it was a joy and not a tragedy, that it is common to give birth as young in Romania.

They did not "beat" the record of the youngest mothers and grandmothers

  • In 1939, a young Peruvian woman of 5 years and a half gives birth to a boy of 2.7 kg.
  • The youngest grandmother is an Italian, 29 years old. She had her daughter at 15, who had her first child at 14 years old.

Premature maternity whose risks divide the experts

  • Doctors are formal If the mother has not completed her development, or if she is not properly nourished, she may be at serious risk.
  • Others retort that if its development is complete and if it has been well followed, there is no reason for any complications.
  • Psychologists agree : the body of a minor may be ready to give birth without the girl being ready to be a mother.

Still to be defined for local authorities if the very young family lives in satisfactory conditions, if the girl can assume the custody of her infant or if she must be supported by the social services.

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