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My child does not want to go to his grandma

My child does not want to go to his grandma

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For the holidays, you had planned ... granny! But your child does not want to go. It complicates everything: your organization, the relations between you and your parents or in-laws ... The advice of our specialist.

Your child has obviously experienced something bad during his last stay ... What could explain this rejection? Reason escapes you and it makes you uncomfortable. On a case by case basis, the solution:

At grandma, he's scared at night

  • At his age, his fears intensify because his imagination is in full expansion. He could see shadows in a room he knows less well ... But not necessarily because, if you ask him: "You were forced to finish your plate, you had a nightmare?", He spontaneously retains the last option.

What has to be done

  • First, ask the grandparents to leave a night light and to intervene in case of nightmare ... Also propose to play together Playmobil: a character will sleep with his grandpa and grandma; he goes to bed and ... to your child to tell the rest, when the character wakes up at night. The idea is that he revives the situation. If no problem emerges, start the dialogue.
  • What to tell him. "What do you feel in your heart about going to your grandparents' house?" The worry is over there, really at night, or rather here? "

Your child does not want to leave you

  • At this age, he is able to anticipate the lack that will cause him your absence and may fear this separation. If you have trouble in your relationship or work, he is surely worried about you and does not want to leave you. But he may also manifest the need to be full of tenderness and attention. That's what will allow him to leave more serenely.

What has to be done

  • Even if the start is imminent, take the time to play, cuddle, tickle on the bed, read a story he chooses. And do not be interrupted by the phone or an impromptu visit.
  • What to tell him. "Everything will be fine for me while you're at Papi and Grandma's place, and when I come back, in two dodos, we'll make a big hug."

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