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My child becomes difficult at the table

My child becomes difficult at the table

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At around age 2, it is not uncommon for a child to become difficult at mealtimes and this can lead to conflict. How to react ? Answer with "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

  • Claire's question: "For some time now, our 2-year-old daughter has become difficult for dinner, refusing to eat vegetables and only accepting pasta." We try to play down the situation and not to conflict, but suddenly she pecks a piece of cheese or a compote and finish the evening with a bottle and milk, but when her grandmother takes care of the meal, she eats very well.
  • The situation that you expose is very usual: around 2 years, many children assert themselves by opposing and meals are often their favorite terrain. All the more difficult to bear for parents when the child eats well with his grandmother or at his nanny. The main thing is not to create tensions, to play down, and outside the usual meal times, to propose nothing. This situation will eventually manage with patience, flexibility while remaining firm.
  • Regarding the composition of the evening meal, your daughter does not need a bottle and a dairy, the second is enough. His dinner could include, for example, a vegetable puree with a starch, a dairy and a compote or a fruit. Do not abruptly remove the bottle, but gradually reduce it until it disappears.

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