But how is he going to talk?

But how is he going to talk?

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  • Ah! if from birth your baby has mastered the language, this fabulous tool to communicate his feelings, his needs, to tell and to build himself ... A dream well common to all the parents of the world! But perhaps, you who speak as you breathe, are you not aware that oral language is not acquired like that?
  • Talking supposes to have a tool auditory, visual, neurological and intellectual, mature and in good working order. It also requires you to evolve in a stimulating environment, to immerse yourself in a world of communication, affection and speech ... These are conditions that make this fundamental stage of your child's development a long-term process that begins as early as first hours of life.
  • Fortunately, your marvel has everything you need, it just takes time. Learning to speak is not nothing. It's even a hell of a job before he takes the words by storm!

Frédérique Odasso

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