Mademoiselle Change-Tout

Mademoiselle Change-Tout

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Disguise themselves, they love! Here is a transformation game that should please them and especially to amuse them.

A game from 3 years

  • Prepare in a large suitcase many accessories: barrettes, darlings, tops, vests, scarves, hats, bags, lipsticks ...
  • All the children are lined up along the wall in the garden, except one, Miss or Mr. Change-All, who stands in front.
  • The children watch him well and turn around, clogging their ears. Meanwhile, you have a minute to help Miss or Mr. Change-Everything to turn one or more things on him (roll up the bottom of his pants, change his side bangs, put his sweater upside down ...) or add one of the accessories.
  • You announce to the children the number of metamorphoses: one, two, or more ... And it is the youngest observer child who will become Mademoiselle or Monsieur Change-Tout ,.
  • Advice : if your players are 2-3 years old, choose obvious changes: glasses, hat, skirt ...