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Hypnosis: think about it for your child!

Hypnosis: think about it for your child!

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Attention therapy, hypnosis can allow your child to defocus on what is stressing or hurting him or her to shift focus to positive things. The explanations of Isabelle Célestin-Lhopiteau, hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis, how does it work?

  • With hypnosis, your child will learn with the hypnotherapist to divert his attention from what affects him, the embarrassment to focus on things that soothe him, do him good.
  • His arm scratches him because of eczema? To imagine that he passes a magic glove will help him to calm the itching ... He is afraid of the black? Throwing herself in the process of killing the dragons, like the hero of her favorite tales, will allow her to face the demons that haunt her nights!
  • The hypnotherapist then teaches him to recover this state of consciousness modified by himself. Count about three sessions for him to practice self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not a state of sleep

  • Contrary to popular belief, the hypnotic state does not lose control. During the session, the child is well awake. He can play, talk while being in a state of modified consciousness, increased vigilance.
  • Hypnosis puts all the senses - touch, hearing, sight, smell, hearing - awake and provides an expanded perception. While most of the time, the perception of the environment is mainly through sight and hearing.

This is a very good indication in case of stress or anxiety

  • Lack of self-confidence can cripple a child's learning. He has trouble with reading? His difficulty is increased by his fear of failure and the gaze of others. Yet he knows how to do many other things: cycling, swimming, Lego ...
  • During the hypnosis session, the child is brought back to positive learning situations. This will help him to come up with a solution and build his confidence.

Hypnosis improves migraine treatments

  • Because it allows to act on the different components of pain, hypnosis gives excellent results in the management of chronic pain (stomach pain, migraines), as a background treatment as a complement to medical treatment.
  • Its effectiveness in the field of pain has been evaluated through research work in medical imaging. The number and intensity of seizures decreased significantly in migraine patients treated with hypnosis.

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