Top 20 girls first names in 2012

Top 20 girls first names in 2012

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What name to give to your future baby? To guide you in your choice, between classic and original names, discover the 20 most trendy girls names in 2012 and their meanings. Emma is still in the lead, followed by Jade and Zoé, not to mention Manon and Inès. Make your choice !

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His origin :

  • Germanic heim, "house", or ermin, "big, powerful".

His history :

  • Emma is not the diminutive of Emmanuelle, but a full name. Her patron saint is a wealthy eleventh-century German widow who donated her goods to the poor. During the High Middle Ages, several queens from France and England were named as well. Then, like many names considered too medieval, it knew a long period of darkness to be reborn in all Europe and to appear today among the most given first names. Emma Watson is the actress who plays Hermione Granger in the movies Harry Potter.

His party :

  • April 19th.

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