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The holidays of Monsieur Pas-Grand-Chose: episode 2

The holidays of Monsieur Pas-Grand-Chose: episode 2

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But ... and the thing? This is how the first episode of our story ended. It's time to find out more and know (perhaps!) What has become the tool picked up by Mr. Pas-Grand-Chose. It's gone for the 2nd episode!

  • The little man delivers him from his cage. He turns it and turns it back into his hands.
  • The bidule has on the skin thousands of wrinkles and fine lines. In the hollow of each wrinkle, there remains a little brown earth that crumbles on the fingers of the little gentleman, a little like an old root that one would have forgotten to plant.
  • Mr. Pas-Grand-Chose wins in his garden. With a shovel, he makes a hole in the ground. He deposits the thinggently, then he covers it.
  • He sprinkles it and he waits. Day after day, he waits, he waits a long time ... But nothing comes out of the earth. The gadget does not grow.
  • At first, to wait like that, Mr. Pas-Grand-Chose is bored. Then the ants come to visit him. They draw on the ground a long black line, head-to-tail, tail-to-head. They carry burdens as big as mountains, and nothing ever stops them.
  • And then there are the heavy-flying bees that visit every flower in the depths of its corolla.
  • Sometimes, Monsieur Pas-Grand-Chose is so motionless that a pretty butterfly comes to rest on his arm.
  • The little gentleman dares not breathe so as not to frighten him. Little by little, Mr. Pas-Grand-Chose feels good in his garden.
  • But ... and the thing?

Discover more ... and the end of this story.

A story written by Véronique Caylou, illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga, published in the magazine Belles Histoires, Bayard jeunesse.


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