Grandma's remedies for doing a home pregnancy test

Grandma's remedies for doing a home pregnancy test

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Breast pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, mood swings, nausea and, of course, late menstruation ... and if you were pregnant. Here are some grandmother's remedies that might put you on the trail!

Before the existence of the famous pregnancy tests, our grandmothers (or great-grandmothers) already had their "tips" to put themselves on the trail of a possible pregnancy in case of precursory symptoms. Today, these "natural" methods are back in fashion! All are based on urine, for a very clear reason: the pregnancy hormone (HCG for hormone chorionic gonadotrophin) is present only in the urine and blood of pregnant women. Why not try ?

Sugar test: a must-have grandmother's remedy to know if you are pregnant

  • This grandmother's remedy is unquestionably the most popular. To obtain the invaluable result, you must urinate in a glass as soon as you wake up. In another container, put the equivalent of a tablespoon of sugar and pour in a tablespoon of urine. Wait a few minutes.
  • Do you notice that the sugar has agglomerated in the urine? You are definitely pregnant! If, on the contrary, the sugar has totally dissolved in the urine, the test is negative.

Grandma's Remedy # 2: The Cloud of Filaments

  • To do this home pregnancy test, all you need to do is urinate in a clear glass that you will seal and put in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.
  • When you take out the glass, watch it carefully in the light. If you notice that a cloud of white filaments has formed in the lower part of the glass, the test is negative. If, on the contrary, the cloud is at the top of the glass, the test is positive.

Pregnant or not pregnant? Coarse salt used as a remedy for grandmother

  • This grandmother's remedy is especially appreciated for its simplicity. To achieve this, simply urinate in a clear glass and then add 1 or 2 pinches of coarse salt. You will have to wait about 2 hours to know the result.
  • If the salt has visibly dissolved, there is a good chance that you are pregnant.

Home Pregnancy Test: Bleach as Grandma's Remedy

  • The advantage of this grandmother's remedy to know if we are expecting a baby? Its speed! To achieve this, you will need to urinate in a clear glass. Dive in without waiting for a cap of bleach.
  • The result is immediate: if you see foam appear and if you notice a change in color of your urine (from light yellow, they change to dark orange), then the test is conclusive.

Be careful though, these grandmother remedies are not infallible!

In general, urine tests are not completely reliable. It happens sometimes, even if it is very rare, that some tests sold in pharmacies announce a wrong result. Also, if you are using a home pregnancy test directly inspired by a grandmother's remedy and the verdict is not the one you were hoping for, do not worry. Only a blood test and an appointment with your gynecologist or your doctor can confirm with certainty whether or not you expect a happy event.

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