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The Boat of Marius: episode 3

The Boat of Marius: episode 3

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Marius has only one treasure: his boat! But this one has disappeared. Listening only to his courage, the little boy goes to look for him on Stéfano's boat. Will he find his boat? Read the end of the story quickly.

  • Marius refused to listen to Stéfano. He pulled the boat on the sand. The man tried to stop him. But too late ! Marius had already taken off. The seagull was there, above him.
  • Marius followed her, rowing for a very long time. Suddenly, he saw his boat, returned to the sea, which shone like a sun. Unfortunately, Stéfano's boat was no longer advancing: it was full of water.
  • Marius tried to empty it, but the water was stronger than him. The boat would sink, when, suddenly, Marius had an idea.
  • He began to sing, to sing as loudly as he could. The waves began to move and the dolphins appeared! "I've never been so happy to see you!" Exclaimed Marius, relieved.
  • A big dolphin approached him. Marius climbed on his back and they made their way to the boat. The other dolphins slipped under the hull and one, two, three... The boat found itself at the place!
  • Marius opened his eyes wide: turning, his boat was full of fish! The little boy smiles: "My pretty boat, it looks like you fished alone today!"
  • Then he jumped into his boat and sailed to his island singing loudly, accompanied by the laughter of dolphins and seagulls.


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A story written by Agnès Breton, illustrated by Philippe Goosens, published in the magazine Toboggan, Milan jeunesse.