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The Boat of Marius: episode 2

The Boat of Marius: episode 2

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On his sunny little island, Marius is too proud of his pretty boat with which he fishes with seagulls! But on a stormy night, the sea is unleashed and spits waves bounding ... the boat of Marius would be in danger? The continuation of our history.

  • The wind lifted swirls of sand that stung his skin and eyes. Can not move forward. Suddenly a wave bigger than the others tore the boat off his stake and carried it away. Marius saw her disappear in a flash, but he could do nothing.
  • The next day calm had returned. Marius climbed into the tallest tree on the island to try to catch sight of his boat. But around him, there was only blue and foam. "As long as the sea did not break it," he thought, worried.
  • Suddenly a seagull brushed his head: "Seagull, pleasefly over the sea and tell me if you see my boat! "The seagull flew away and reappeared after an hour, and Marius thought he heard him cry out.Marius, Marius, follow me!"
  • Quickly, he ran to Stéfano, an old fisherman: "Stéfano, lend me your boat, a seagull has found my boat, I must follow it!"
  • Stéfano opened his eyes wide: "Poor Marius, the sun has hit you on the head! You want to follow a seagull! And why not a crab? "
  • Marius stamped with impatience: "I beg you, Stéfano!"
  • "No question ! replied the fisherman. My boat has not sailed for years. I do not even know if he's floating. You're going to drown! "

Marius will he or not find his boat? The end.

A story written by Agnès Breton, illustrated by Philippe Goosens, published in the magazine Toboggan, Milan jeunesse.