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The Boat of Marius: episode 1

The Boat of Marius: episode 1

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The sea, the fish, a sunny island ... for this new story that feels good holidays, we take you to meet a little boy who has a treasure: his boat! Ready to ship?

  • Once upon a timeon a sunny island, a little boy named Marius. He lived with his grandfather in a cabin by the sea. He was the happiest little boy on the island. Yet he had nothing to it except a wooden boat.
  • But a boat is a lot when you're hardworking and brave. And Marius was. This boat was his pride. He was sanding it, scratching it, combing it. She shone in the light.
  • Every morning, Marius detaches her and pushes her to the sea. The bark always took him to places full of fish. Then Marius sang and the dolphins jumped around him to listen to him.
  • The dolphins loved Marius very much. And if the sea became too agitated, discreetly, they pushed his boat to help him navigate.
  • The seagulls also liked Marius because he shared with them the fish he had caught. And if Marius got lost a bit on the water too bluethey helped her, looking like nothing, to find her way.
  • On his return, Marius was celebrated because he brought fish to eat, stories to tell and joy to share. So his grandfather thanked him and Marius laughed: "I'm not for nothing. It's thanks to my boat, all that. "
  • But one stormy night, the sea broke loose. She spewed waves leaping to the beach. Marius went out to protect his boat.

What's going to happen ? The following !

A story written by Agnès Breton, illustrated by Philippe Goosens, published in the magazine Toboggan, Milan jeunesse.