Aromatic plants

Aromatic plants

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Mint, sage, parsley ... overuse these aromatic plants for their flavor and medicinal properties.

Aromatic herbs: the dietary virtues

  • All fresh herbs facilitate the secretion of digestive juices and are true concentrates of vitamins and minerals. On average, 10 g (2 to 3 tablespoons) of chopped herbs provide: 10 to 30% of the recommended daily intake (RDA) of provitamin A or carotene, 5 to 6% of the RDA in vitamin B9 or folic acid which pregnant women need, 2 to 6% of the iron RDA and 10 to 20% of the RDA vitamin C, the champion in the field being parsley (170mg for 100g)!
  • Side minerals, they have potassium in large quantities, magnesium, calcium, iron (especially chervil and parsley), phosphorus.


  • Calming and digestivee, it is used raw in tabbouleh and fruit salads, but also in infusion, in water or in tea.


  • Very digestive, she is welcome in herbal tea after a meal a little heavy. In cooking, slip only one or two leaves because its perfume is heady.

The linden

  • Apaisant, it promotes sleep. To be consumed in herbal teas, alone or in combination with mint.


  • It is the best endowed grass in vitamin C. To use at will, raw, or cooked. It also carries folic acid (whose anti-anemic role is essential for infants and future mothers), and flavonoids that enhance the effects of vitamin C. Other assets? It only provides 5 calories for 10 g.

Aromatic plants: keep them well

  • Day by day, keep them in a bouquet, the stems in a glass of water covered with a plastic bag. Put the glass in the refrigerator and change the water every day.
  • Drying in bouquet head in baIt is suitable for thyme, laurel, rosemary, sage and all plants for herbal teas: linden, mint, verbena, lemongrass, etc.
  • Freeze others (chervil, chives, basil ...) is the best way to keep their flavor.

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