Mothers spend twice as much time with children as fathers

Mothers spend twice as much time with children as fathers

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Who cares most of the children at home? Not surprisingly, mothers spend an average of twice as much time on parenting activities as fathers, an hour and a half daily. Another observation: the activities are not the same and are divided differently during the week between fathers and mothers. (News of the 30/05/13)

  • Time spent on domestic chores has often been studied, but the one devoted to children, a little less. The results published by the DREES (Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics) are once again far from being to the advantage of women ... Every day, mothers spend an average of 1 hour 33 minutes on children, against 44 minutes for fathers.
  • If the duration differs, the nature of activities too: parenting time related to care and travel is more feminine while men are more involved in recreation.

The distribution of activities according to the days

  • If fathers and mothers do not spend the same amount of time on parenting activities, nor do they spread it the same way during the week. Without surprise, mothers take care of children more week, on average 1 h 43 per day, against "only" 1 h 14 at the weekend, when it is assumed that the father is no longer present.
  • Conversely, for fathers, parental time is more important at weekends (50 minutes vs. 40 on weekdays) and time spent on child care and hobbies too.

Girl or boy, different involvement of parents

  • Amazing result, when parents have only one child, the sex of the child affects the parental time spent by the mother and father. Thus, mothers spend an average of 31 more minutes per day on their child if it's a girl and fathers, 4 minutes more per day if it's a boy.

1,2 or 3 children, the organization changes, especially for mothers!

  • The number of children in the family is also a factor that affects the parent organization: mothers of at least three children spend an average of 21 minutes more per day on parenting activities while for fathers, this time increases by only 9 minutes.
  • Also note that the mothers' organization is more upset when the family goes from two to three children than when she goes from one to two children. With three children, the time spent on journeys increases considerably.

Stéphanie Letellier